Beyond the canvas is a design company based on creating original art work on a variety of surfaces and objects. Each art work is conceptualised and executed by the artist herself. There are designer be-spoke pieces and are not produced in bulk. Every work carries the original painting / craft work of the artist or is an original printed design of the same painter. The aesthetic sensibility of the artist is deeply rooted in the nature. She incorporates natural, organic, often discarded and waste materials into her creations. The original art finds its home on furniture, jewellery, cloth, glass, wood and vintage objects. The concept is to spread the notion that area can penetrate every object in our lives. The artist is aiming to push the boundary of what we call art and spread the joy of creating and sharing a hand crafted original piece of art. On The Canvas under the site Living Art is a sister company to BTC which displays, sells original paintings of the artist along with signed limited edition prints on canvas. BTC seeks to put art on other realities beyond the canvas! Enjoy this small, unique, painstakingly put together collection by someone thinking of art beyond the canvas.